Learn how Boxie24 modernized their storage businesss with Akatia's WMS solutions

Akatia's WAM helps Boxie24 with accurately tracking their customers stored items, increase revenue and integrate with their core Field Service mobile operations processes.








Boxie24 Storage, headquartered in Berlin, Germany,  is a full-service storage provider operating in Europe and the US since 2014. Boxie24 currently operates multiple storage facility locations in 25 cities and municipalities. They provide on demand storage with free pick-up and delivery and additional environmentally friendly storage boxes which can also be used for moving. Their business model and thinking are goal oriented with a plan to change the way people think of self-storage. One of the core challenges that Boxie24 were facing was that all their inventory management was being managed in Excel. The input and updating of customer stored items were completely manual and open to significant human error. As well this also had an impact on revenue from storage. If any item was accidentally inputted incorrectly or neglected to be logged, storage charges could not be billed. Misplacement of items within the warehouse could also be a problem. Boxie24 also provided quotes for storage before pick-up. Inherently once the Boxie24 mobile team showed up for a scheduled pick-up a customer might add an extra item, or three. Boxie24 had no way of logging these additions and accounting for them in their storage billing calculations.

A core part of their operations is their offsite mobile pick-up fleet. Customers schedule the pick-up and/or return of their items. Once confirmed, the team at Boxie24 communicates pick-up addresses and times to their mobile teams to fulfill this part of their service process by using Salesforce Field Service and Service Appointment. This being the case the nominated WMS solution would have to integrate with these applications.


Boxie24 required that the new WMS be able to track and identify each of the items that were stored in their facilities and relate them back to the customer. To do this barcode tracking was introduced. Akatia’s WMS solution, WAM, also had the added advantage of being mobile ready as it has a ready developed and configurable mobile scanning application. Thus, as customer items were received into the storage facility a barcode would be generated, applied, and then scanned into storage. This eliminated the issue of customers adding items to their stock last minute at the time of pick up. Now every item could be accounted for as it entered the storage facility, associated to the customer and billing appropriately adjusted from the initial quote provided by Boxie24 to the customer prior to pick-up. Further, the WAM mobile application allowed Boxie24 to take photos of each item at the time of receipt, allowing Boxie24 to capture the condition of the item and associating it to the clients account. This had a two-fold benefit; first, that if a client requested only one of several items to be returned Boxie24 could confirm both with the client and storage facility workers exactly which item was to be selected. Second, that if the condition of the item was disputed by the customer and a claim filed, the photo record could be used to determine if the claim was valid or not.


The next major component was integrating the WAM solution with Salesforce Field Service and Service Appointment. Given that Boxie24 were already using both Salesforce solutions and that WAM is native to Salesforce the integration involved a simple “plug and play” configuration with the already established Field Service and Service Appointment objects. This having been accomplished facilitated the pick-up portion of the operation, which when marked as complete, a “receipt” log would be automatically created in WAM which allow the storage facility team to anticipate its arrival.


Having now implemented WAM, Boxie24 were now able to have a completely 360-degree view of all their warehouses worldwide and accurately track and manage every item stored by their customers no matter where in the world. They were able to account for all the items being stored, accurately manage and increase storage revenue, and limit liability. Efficiencies were improved in their data collection and organization as well as in the mobile and storage facility operations. All of this while respecting budgets which translated into a high return on investment.

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Boxie24 is a full-service personal storage provider headquatered in Berlin, Brandenburg, Germany. They provide scheduled pick-up and return services to their customers as well as safely storing their items. They currently have 50 plus facilities in 3 countries.


Boxie24 required a new WMS that was Salesforce native and that could integrate with their Salesforce Field Service and Service Appointment processes. The new WMS also needed to be able to track and associate items to their owners, be able to implement barcode scanning, allow for item photo association and accurately track storage charges.


Implemented Akatia's WAM and WAM Mobile applications, introduced hand held scanner devices, configured/integrated with Salesforce's Field Service and Service Appointment applications.