Automate intelligence in document creation

Intelligent automation means templates automatically load with up-to-date company details and warehouse information. Datasets are created to take account of variables specific to user profiles, including location, language, and brand. Our application enables you to create templates that map any data within your Salesforce Org to your document by mapping the field name to the document. These templates can be any size and orientation desired: portrait or landscape, giving you the ability to create documents of any size, whether small labels or big signs. Whatever information you want on your document will look and function the way you want it to.

Our intelligent document creator enables your Users to choose what they want to display on their document with a simple click. Documents display accurate, meaningful information every time.

If you require calculations to be made on a report, Akatia’s intelligent document creation enables you to use a wide variety of summary functions, from adding up the total price on invoices to calculating the average temperature of the week for example. Any updates done within your Salesforce Org will automatically reflect in your documents, there is no need to tediously go back to every document and make changes. As you update the field in your Org, the updates are automatically done in every document giving you peace of mind that every document stays up to date at all times without errors. 


From creating a one-page letter to a twenty-page contract, the intelligent automation behind our template generator builds documents quickly and correctly, eliminating the need to maintain large numbers of templates. 

Personalized dynamically

Our template documents automatically populate with the correct logos, disclaimers, and information such as the email addresses and phone numbers relevant to the warehouse location the document is being created from. 


For example: if you have a Warehouse in the United States and one in Canada, we can generate different Logos, Email Addresses, Phone Numbers and more automatically for each warehouse. Therefore, your documents that are created in your United States Warehouse will have the corresponding United States warehouse information automatically populated on your documents based on your United States warehouse information and your documents created in Canada will have the corresponding Canadian warehouse information automatically populated on your documents based on your Canadian warehouse information. 

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