Learn how Donan uses Akatia's WMS solutions to help the insurance industry with their investigative forensics business

Akatia's WAM has allowed Donan to provide reliable evidence management, secure chain of custody for their customers like insurers and law enforcement, generate revenues from evidence storage, and to continue providing reliable and trusted service.








Donan Engineering, located in Louisville, Kentucky has been in business since 1947 with currently 50 offices nationwide. As one of the largest forensic engineering and investigative companies in the United States, Donan’s team of engineers and investigators, through the scientific method, help to determine the cause of component malfunctions that cause damage, or major and minor disaster events. By determining the cause of a particular event, they provide invaluable professional expertise to help individuals, organizations, insurance companies, legal teams, and authorities in assessing compensation, liability, and legal repercussions of such events. Their primary customer base is comprised of insurance companies attempting to ascertain the determining factor which caused an event associated to a claim or incident.


Donan’s forensic engineering investigations require running a variety of on-site tests in their lab. Donan must often take possession of and store case evidence. It is critical to maintain the chain of custody, especially in cases with criminal implications, as Donan’s ability to provide the integrity of evidence could make or break a potential legal case.


Donan’s existing warehouse management software and structure were challenging. One major issue was the inability to properly and accurately track the time that a piece of inventory left their warehouse between billing periods, leading to a significant loss of revenue. Another issue was the inability to project warehousing operations further than a single location (in addition to their main warehouse, Donan has 20 other off-site storage locations across the country). Visibility, standardization, and integration of each location’s inventory was crucial for growth. Donan also lacked the ability take photos and automatically manage, file, and link photo files to the receipt record of evidence, which would further enhance the proof of chain of custody. In addition, Donan required integration of their financial and new warehousing applications to improve invoicing and auditing, business process automation (BPA), and form/label creation.


Akatia’s solution satisfied all key requirements. To ensure chain of custody, Akatia created an automated process as soon as evidence was taken into possession. When a case was opened, a receipt log and a UPC label were automatically created in the WAM system for easy tracking and handling. To allow for better evidence chain of custody we also implemented mobile scanners with our proprietary mobile application and photo taking capability. Akatia then configured a business process where photos would be associated and then filed with inventory receipts.


WAM easily resolved the lost billing revenue issue. Accurately tracking the time a piece of evidence entered and then left the warehouse, provided the ability to process monthly billing. WAM simply gathers all the outbound data and then automatically refers to the receipt date and then calculated the time and amount of evidence was in storage. Business Process Automation was also used to gather billing data automatically – solving the problem of billing inaccuracies and loss of revenue.


To integrate their storage locations, we designated their small storage units as geo-locations rather than separate warehouses. The smaller locations now act as an extension of the primary warehouse in Louisville and essentially come under its umbrella. Once evidence is shifted to the main warehouse location, it simply moves within the system from the geo-location to the main warehouse – providing complete visibility across all storage locations and better inventory management.


Finally, Akatia created forms and labels using our proprietary forms and process builder which allowed Donan to automatically print and then apply labels for internal inventory management.


WAM provided Donan Engineering with a completely integrated and accurate warehouse management system that has maximized efficiency and minimized cost.

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Donan is an investigative forensics engineering firm. Donan’s experts deliver comprehensive reporting detailing the origin and cause of property loss. Donan’s team are qualified experts in the fields of forensic engineering, fire investigation, product and materials testing, and innovative solutions.


Donan required a next generation WMS that could accurately track when a piece of evidence left their warehouse between billing periods to accurately bill customers and recoup lost revenue. As well they required a system that could integrate all 20 off site locations, integrate their financial package and create documents for invoicing.


Implemented Akatia's WAM and WAM Mobile applications, introduced hand held scanner devices, integrated with FinancialForce.