How NCC Group uses Akatia's WMS solutions in their data escrow business, building customer trust

Akatia's WAM has allowed NCC Group to provide reliable asset management and reinforce customer trust through reliable solutions, accuracy and best practice inventory management.








NCC Group is a data escrow and data security firm with its headquarters located in Manchester, England. They have an international presence across 14 countries with 26 offices. Their core business is providing data escrow services for software developers and companies that use software solutions.


Their service requires that they correctly store, secure, analyze, manage, and track the digital media that are intrusted to them by their customers. Being that they act as a third-party entity that holds a data asset for multiple parties it is imperative that their processes are aligned with the specific contractual obligations of all parties involved as well as following strict data control laws as set out by the various jurisdictions they operate within.


Given these requirements of their business, NCC Group were facing various challenges that their legacy asset management solution was not meeting. NCC Group wanted to guarantee the accuracy of the assets they were holding in 6 vaults worldwide. They also wanted to secure their chain of custody processes. Often technicians, on and off site, were required to do various diagnostic tasks on digital media. This required checking out these assets from their vaults. NCC Group wanted to ensure when, where, and who had checked out a deposited media. Finally, there were customer interactions concerning asset deposits which were either redundant, manual and time consuming that they wanted to automate.


NCC thus required a system that could meet the following requirements:


  • Adapt to their specific business case

  • Provide real-time view of customer's digital media deposits

  • Accurately track digital deposits and history

  • Allow customers to view the deposits being stored

  • Introduce chain of custody processes through scanning technology

  • Automate required customer chase communications

  • Automate actionable tasks I.E. When new deposits required

  • Accurately track charges for billing where applicable

  • Integrate with their contracts platform, Workday


Given WAM’s flexible platform environment, Salesforce, Akatia were able map out NCC Groups key processes and adapt our inventory and warehouse management solution to their specific business case and were able to accurately account for all the deposits currently on hand and future deposit management. Akatia also introduced mobile scanning technology. Using the WAM Mobile application and scanners NCC Group would now be able to use barcodes to label deposits, categorize locations within the vaults and scan deposits into WAM. As well deposits could now be checked out of the vaults and assigned to technicians so that chain of custody would be guaranteed. Paperless and automated communications were also put in place so that once given actions were required or had taken place a stakeholder would be apprised of the situation promptly. Information was also made visible to customers and controlled by making it available through a customer portal. Contractual information was both pulled from and sent to Workday through integration and by use of EDI.


The first roll out of the solution was implemented for NCC Group’s vaults within the UK and in the following phase pushed out to the United States and Europe. The overall result was an efficient, secure, and accurate inventory management environment that made NCC Group’s day-to-day asset management much improved and reinforced the trust and security they provide to their customers.

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NCC Group manage cyber threats across an increasingly connected society. They advise global technology companies, manufacturers, financial institutions, critical national infrastructure providers, retailers and governments on the best way to keep businesses, software and personal data safe.


NCC Group required a next generation inventory/asset, warehouse management solution that could meet the needs of their data escrow business. They required a solution adaptable to their specific industry, allowed for real-time accuracy, reinforce chain of custody best practices, and allow staff to perform tasks efficiently.


Implemented Akatia's WAM and WAM Mobile applications, introduced hand held scanner devices, transitioned to Salesforce, integrated with Workday.