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Your Inventory

A Premier 360-Degree WMS for Managing Your Warehouse & Inventory on Salesforce

WAM Adds Value

WAM adds value by impacting warehouse efficiency & growth

WAM WMS for Salesforce branded gradient background image
WAM customer statistic 90% increased storage occupancy using WAM
WAM customer statistic 50% increase in productivity using WAM
WAM customer statistic 40% increase in inventory related processing using WAM
WAM customer statistic 20% increase in revenue using WAM

Transform Your Inventory Management with Akatia Technologies

Manage Multiple

WAM is designed to manage multiple warehouses, all on Salesforce. So no matter the size of a business' footprint our system can meet your inventory management needs. 

Go Mobile & Work
On the Go

WAM Mobile scanner app allows a warehouse to work on the go and connect live directly to their Salesforce Org updating inventory management data in real time. All stakeholders now have up to date information.

Integrate All Parts of Your Business

Whether integrating with carrier rates, accounting packages or enterprise management software Akatia can integrate with the tools that are important to your business and inventory management.  

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Learn how WAM can transform your warehouse & inventory management

Discover how WAM leverages Salesforce for warehouse management. Watch the Salesforce Industry U to learn more.

Say goodbye to
one-size fits all warehousing

Go beyond the basics of warehouse and inventory management and customize our application to your specific business needs and processes. Start managing your inventory on Salesforce.

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WAM WMS warehouse and inventory management system for Salesforce integrates business tools

Elevate Your Salesforce Order Management

WAM is integrated with Salesforce Commerce Cloud's Order Management. Gain real-time inventory insights, streamline operations, and boost efficiency with accurate order fulfillment. Elevate your customer experience through faster deliveries and fewer errors. Centralize your data, scale effortlessly, and trim operational costs. Stay ahead of the competition with WAM and Salesforce Order Management, where precision meets profit.

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Real-time Inventory Visibility

Efficient Order Fulfillment

Streamlined Operations

Enhanced Customer Experience

Akatia WAM WMS warehouse and inventory management nonprofit program

Doing Good for Good

Non-Profit Program

Akatia understands that non-profits need every assistance to keep doing the great work they do for their communities. That's why we've created our Doing Good for Good non-profit program. Take advantage of the most robust and feature rich WMS application on Salesforce and maximize your non-profit's inventory resources. 

Manage donated items and food

Maximize resources and increase impact 

Report on inventory and output

WAM Online Training

WAM WMS for Saleforce application learning course and tools for WAM users

Onboard your team

Akatia knows the importance of onboarding your team quickly. That’s why we’ve invested in our partners by providing them with WAM training resources to help your team get up to speed fast.

Engage your team

Engage your entire team with learning tools. Whether you work in procurement, the warehouse floor, or front office our learning management system (LMS) allows you to easily learn WAM so that you can start working with it fast.

WAM WMS for Saleforce application engage your employees and staff with WAM application learning course and tools for WAM users
WAM WMS for Saleforce application improve employee and staff knowledge with WAM application learning course and tools for WAM users

Improve team knowledge

WAM’s learning management system let’s your team expand their knowledge of WAM beyond their role. Maximize your team’s knowledge so that they can take on new roles and responsibilities.

The resources you need

Akatia gets your team trained and up to speed with our in app comprehensive training program and learning resources. 

Comprehensive online course

Video knowledge resources

Reference anytime

• 10 Categories

• 25 Learning Videos

• 103 Review Questions

WAM WMS for Saleforce application image of WAM application learning and training course
WAM WMS for Saleforce application image of WAM application learning and training course
WAM WMS for Saleforce application image of WAM application learning and training course




Thinking of implementing your WMS on Salesforce but not sure where to start?

Implementing a WMS can be a complex task and knowing where to start isn’t always obvious. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered! With our WMS for Salesforce Implementation Guide we take you through some of the things you’ll want to consider for your own project. With the help of this guide along with the tips and suggestions found in it we’re sure your project will be a success!

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Trusted by our customers &  Salesforce users worldwide

WAM WMS for Salesforce branded gradient background image

Steve Swain

Pyramid Transport & Cold Storage

We felt like a small fish in a big pond when dealing with other WMS companies... Akatia made us feel like the “Big Fish”. They listened to our needs and, most importantly, delivered... Akatia was the right choice, period.

Pyramid Transport and Cold Storage corporate logo

Yair Goldfinger


Everything you need regarding inventory management is included with full tracking and reporting on every movement of each item... there's no other inventory management solution out there for Salesforce that can do what Akatia does, it exceeded my expectations.

AppCard corporate logo

John Larsen

Allstates Logistics

A cloud-based WMS with all of the features you would expect from a brick and mortar WMS package. Gone are the days that require a room full of programmers to create a simple report. This saves us time and money. There is no other WMS application I've found that can do what WAM does so effortlessly!

Allstates Logistics corporate logo
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