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Customize any Page
Customize any Page

Add Reports & Dashboards to any page.

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Receive Inventory
Receive Inventory

Our Application captures all the necessary Inbound information to keep total control of your Inventory.

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Shipment Process
Shipment Process

Our user friendly shipment process captures all the necessary information, also available with our Scanning Application!

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Customize any Page
Customize any Page

Add Reports & Dashboards to any page.

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Cloud based ERP continues to take hold across all logistics sectors. Our Warehouse Advanced Management application: WAM is built on the Salesforce platform. Taking advantage of this platform WAM takes away the headaches of traditional ERP systems by alleviating high costs and development. WAM integrates all aspects of your business into one easy to use, totally customizable platform aimed at making your business more efficient.



Manage inventory across one or multiple warehouses in a single application that works in tandem with Salesforce.


  • ​Inflexibility of legacy systems

  • Lack of integration capabilities

  • Poor features limiting user and customer experience


  • Total flexibility of workflow, automation and notification

  • Total customization

  • Take advantage of the Salesforce Ecosystem



We offer End to End tracking using state of the art scanner devices to identify each item with unique code association (I.E.. Serial #, Lot # etc.).


  • Inbound and Outbound not processed fast enough

  • Manual date entry errors

  • Damaged commodities not reported clearly


  • Scan Inbound and Outbound fast

  • Barcode scanning to avoid errors

  • Location and condition selectable from scanner

  • Take pictures of damaged goods with our scanner device and link the pictures with the Inventory as attachments



Our seamless integration system syncs receipts and transactions with all parties and helps to avoid manual entry errors and manage financial data without a third party application.


  • Inability to manage financials unless through a third party app

  • Invoicing inaccuracies 

  • Difficulty integrating services


  • Manage financial data without a third party application

  • Sync receipts and orders as well as automate invoicing

  • Ability to integrate your financial service and system



A critical part of business is the ability to adapt to your customers financial requirements and constraints. The key to the right set up is to remove the burden of manual billing and reduce process errors.

WAM can automate all your invoicing. Akatia also partners with other Accounting Software such as QuickBooks, Sage, and Accounting Seed for business financial integration. We aim to give you a wide range of tools while taking away the complexity. Everything from managing your core accounting, receiving analytics, creating sales reports, PO creation and more.



Selling online can be a major revenue stream for many businesses. More

businesses are switching to e-commerce

platforms to take advantage of new markets for their products and services. Integrating your inventory management to these platforms thus becomes integral to successfully running your business.


Akatia is a Shopify partner making us uniquely qualified in the process of integrating your business with Shopify in minutes.



Take advantage of our Business Process Automation (BPA). Save time, money and development by using our cutting-edge development software.

By automating your business processes you can increase productivity and eliminate previously tedious, overlapping and redundant tasks. Thus your business runs more efficiently allowing your workers to focus on what they do best.


Document Creation

Automate intelligence in document creation​

Intelligent automation means templates automatically load with up-to-date company details and warehouse information. Datasets are created to take account of variables specific to user profiles, including location, language, and brand. Our application enables you to create templates that map any data within your Salesforce Org to your document by mapping the field name to the document. These templates can be any size and orientation desired: portrait or landscape, giving you the ability to create documents of any size, whether small labels or big signs. Whatever information you want on your document will look and function the way you want it to.​


Courier Integration

Akatia & Courier Automation

Akatia has integrated with couriers, you can now utilize Easyship's powerful international shipping software that further enables you to grow internationally, increase conversions, delight customers, save time and money all within your Salesforce Org. With our partner Easyship, Akatia takes care of the hard work by integrating with leading international couriers such as FedEx and UPS, calculating tax and duty costs and preparing the right paperwork for smooth customs clearance and delivery. We understand duties and taxes can be complicated, cause hold ups at customs, incur unexpected costs, ruin the customer experience and have sellers lose clients. With Akatia & Easyship, we make sure that you know upfront how much to pay so you can avoid unpleasant surprises and shipment delays in the future.


Vessel Tracking

Akatia's Vessel Tracking

Akatia understands that monitoring vessel movements and knowing the whereabouts of your Container along with the ETA at its destination is very important. Akatia has integrated with vessel tracking services, giving you all the necessary details regarding the journey of your vessel and containers  all within your Salesforce Org. A map of your vessel's journey will be available to view on each inbound, providing a quick glance of where your vessel is located. This map and ETA can also be made available to view for your customers through a portal, meaning your customers will always be kept in the loop regarding their precious cargo. Let Akatia take care of the hard work of keeping track of your vessels and containers. Request a demo to see how this feature can help you and ask about our vessel tracking discounts.


QuickBooks Integration

Akatia & QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks makes it easy to keep your financials organized from anywhere. So you can make better business decisions, focus on growth, and take the stress out of tax time. In addition to our 4th pillar Finance, Akatia has out-of-the-box integrations with QuickBooks Online giving you the ability to push billing lines and/or invoices from your Salesforce Org's WAM to QuickBooks. Utilizing Akatia's robust finance automations / functionalities and pushing the necessary information to your QuickBooks Online will save you time, money, and keep a firm grip on your financials. Request a demo to learn more about how Akatia's integrations can help your business grow.



Forklift lifting containers

Akatia Technologies believes in two core principles; integration and fluidity. With our warehouse management software, WAM, we aim to integrate all aspects of our customers' business; consolidating all processes and eliminating excess clutter.

​Our philosophy is that the customer needs to come first. We are hands on and always engaged in the process of implementing your project.​


Our team is here to meet these needs and find the solutions to the challenges you're currently facing.


Akatia Technologies began first and foremost as an application development company for the logistics industry. With the advent of Cloud computing and the trend of most businesses moving over to such platforms Akatia began to explore how this trend could be utilized to the benefit of warehousing.


The result has been a focus on developing Cloud based applications for the Salesforce Eco-System that are comprehensive, cost efficient and user friendly.

last piece of the puzzle



Akatia believes that every organization should be able to afford a first class WMS system. Whether large, small, or in between we want to help you succeed!

Warehouse price plan


At Akatia we want to make sure that your projects hit the ground running successfully. With that in mind we provide a range of services to help your organization. From implementation, customization, data migration, training and more we want to be there for you every step of the way. Tell us about your projects specific requirements and we'll be glad to offer our expert knowledge to ensure that you have a road map for success.   

Forklift lifting containers
Forklift lifting containers



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