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WAM Pricing

Premier inventory and warehouse
management tools at a premier price

Akatia Technologies WMS for Salesforce license pricing and plans

WAM Warehouse license. Pick the plan that best suits your needs.

WAM WMS for Salesforce pricing chart

Site licence and volume discounts are available for organizations with significant number of warehouses.

*All plans are billed annually
Unlimited User means any User that works inside the warehouse. Example: Warehouse Managers and Warehouse Pickers. Field Service Technicians are not included in the unlimited users.

Mobile Worker License

WAM Mobile License

Akatia Technologies WMS for Salesforce WAM mobile license pricing

• billed annually
*starting at

One license is required per Mobile Worker that is connected to the WAM Objects in Salesforce via mobile devices.

Site License & Volume Discount

Same premier product with the same great features but within a model that best suits your business' need.

Offered to customers with significant multi-warehouse footprint and Field Service Technicians.

Custom Fit

Sometimes our price model doesn't exactly fit the needs of a business. We realize that businesses have different needs and vary significantly in size.

If you feel your use case doesn't fit one of our plans let us know. We're completely transparent on our pricing and want to make sure we're meeting your needs.

Enterprise Support

We offer enterprise support for large scale operations. Let us know your requirements and we'd be happy to propose a plan that meets your needs.

Volume Discounts
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