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Welcome to WAM

Manage your inventory & warehouse with our premier WMS solution on Salesforce

Akatia Technologies Inventory Management for Salesforce, WAM application product
Akatia Technologies Inventory Management for Salesforce, image showing WAM application

Manage your warehouse on Salesforce

Manage inventory across one or multiple warehouses in a single application that works in tandem with Salesforce.

Track your inventory accurately 

Put in place industry best practices to track and manage your inventory so that you know the what, when and where of your inventory.

Accurately invoice

Remove the burden of manual billing and reduce process errors by automating your billing processes.

Ability to customize & integrate based on your needs

Generate reports based on any set of data point

Integrate with the services and tools that are important

to your business

Create and automate workflow processes for

greater efficiency

Create, customize and generate any important


Akatia Technologies Inventory Management for Salesforce, WAM solution integrate, customize, dashboard and reports graphic
Akatia Technologies Inventory Management for Salesforce Carrier Rates
Akatia Technologies Inventory Management for Salesforce, Field Service Integration
Akatia Technologies Inventory Management for Salesforce, QuickBooks Integration

Check out all our great features


Track and manage inventory being received. WAM automatically generates a receipt number so as to have a reliable record of everything received.


Manage all orders being fulfilled

and shipped out of the warehouse. Shipments can be prepared in advance helping with order planning and fulfilment.

Inventory Management

Every piece of inventory is assigned a unique tracking number. Whether moving inventory to a new location or ensuring quality  control you can track every detail. 

Mobile Scanning

Akatia provides mobile and wireless scanning technology. Our mobile application allows

a warehouse to manage day to day tasks from hand held devices.

Billing & Finances

Manage storage times, charges, price books and invoice on time and accurately with built in billing and financial features that can integrate with your business' finance tools.

Warehouse Management

Whether small or a multi layered international operation

WAM and Salesforce have you covered by allowing multi profit centers and unlimited locations.


With our kitting process in place

an organization can easily track and

manage different components across various vendors to then assemble product types.

Document Creation

Create, manage, customize and automate important documents with our form builder. Everything from labels, barcodes,  packing slips and more.

Carrier Rates

Retrieve carrier pricing through our carrier integration. Get rates and tracking information as well as delivery status and share this information with your customers.

Dashboards & Reports

Create and share informative and visually engaging reports by using the easy to use and intuitive dashboard tools. Report on any data set and on any KPI.

Vessel Tracking

WAM has integrated with vessel tracking services, giving all the necessary details regarding the journey a vessel or containers  all within your Salesforce Org.


Training is so important. WAM comes with an in app Learning Management System so that you have the training tools to bring your team up to speed with WAM.

Yard Management

Manage all of the activities within the yard area of  your warehouse: trailer movement, parking, dock assignment, load confirmation, cross docking and more.

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