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WAM WMS for Salesforce consumer marketing asset and inventory management

Inventory solutions
for retail consumer marketing

Consumer marketing is critical in determining decisions and investment. Making sure that retailers have the right solutions like rewards programs, data collection and payment processing solutions in place in order to create unique consumer experiences is key to customer retention and loyalty. Ensuring that products and inventory are tracked accurately is key to ensuring that consumer marketing efforts are successful.

Akatia Technologies WMS for Salesforce for consumer marketing industry


Take advantage of robust and intuitive dashboards and reports to get insights from your products and inventory transactions. Analyze, forecast and plan so that your business meets the needs of your customers. Share your dashboards and reports with key stakeholders.

Helping support consumer marketing

App Card customer use case WAM WMS for Salesforce
App Card corporate logo

App Card -
Consumer Marketing

Akatia Technologies is helping consumer marketing app developer App Card meet the needs of their customers.


Adapt your business’ processes and tracking to reduce errors and potential operational roadblocks. Service your customers faster, more reliably and on time.


Take advantage of modern technology, process automation and data collection to take better business decisions and remove previously time-consuming tasks. Have reliable data that you can report on and improve KPI’s.

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