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Akatia Technologies Inventory Management for Salesforce, WAM dashboards and reports feature

Elevate your data and reports with drag and drop dashboard tools

Use customizable dashboards to create engaging and meaningful visual reports that help run your business better.

Engage Users

Dashboards let you create visually appealing reporting for inventory management that clearly presents key data points. Engage your colleagues, stakeholders and customers with customized analytics that have a beautiful look and feel.

Leverage Your Data

Data is a business' biggest asset. Use dashboards to effectively unlock your data's power. Help improve decision making, provide data interactivity, transparency, access and accuracy. Put your data to work and unlock your business' potential.

Improve Efficiency

Create, edit and schedule dashboards gaining meaningful feedback on KPI's, processes, revenue, turn around times and more. Configure your dashboards to allow for actionable notifications so that your business runs smoothly and efficiently.

Dashboards and reports

Akatia Technologies Inventory Management for Salesforce, WAM dashboards and reports feature

Track your entire warehouse environment in a single reporting portal. Track and visualize any data point that is important to your business. Share dashboards and reports with all parties involved in your inventory management operations and improve decision making. Easily manage which stakeholders have access to which data, whether they are colleagues, suppliers, customers or transporters.

View reports in one single environment

Schedule and receive refreshed dashboards

Track and report on any data point

Share and collaborate with key stakeholders

Customize and filter reports per business needs

Akatia Technologies Inventory Management for Salesforce, WAM customizable dashboards and reports feature

Build and customize

Create engaging visual dashboards without having to be a developer. Salesforce drag & drop interface is made for business users. Manage all your dashboards from one intuitive environment, that's easy to use!

Drag and drop builder

Edit and save existing dashboards

Use a variety of graphics and tables to visualize reports

Dashboarding made easy

Salesforce has out of the box dashboarding tools, are drag & drop and made with business users in mind. Visualize your data like never before!

Bring visuals to your data management 

Out of the box with Salesforce

Create amazing dashboards

Display day-to-day activities, forecast and plan

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