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WAM WMS for Salesforce forensic engineering industry inventory management

Evidence chain of custody for forensic engineering

Everyone from insurance companies to emergency services rely on forensic engineers to give expert analysis on product failure, precise event causes and potential tampering or fraud. One of the core principles in the industry is to guarantee and secure chain of custody of evidence and limit liability. Akatia’s accurate asset management, chain of custody processes and best practices allow the forensic investigative engineering industry to better track customer assets, ensure their security, and put their customers and partners minds at ease.

Akatia Technologies WMS for Salesforce for forensic engineering industry

Chain of Custody

Manage customer material assets and case evidence by accurately tracking them from an active scene, upon reception at lab facility, management & storage, return or destruction.

Helping secure evidence for forensic engineering industry


Adapt your business’ processes and tracking to reduce errors and potential operational roadblocks. Create important documents, automate communications to align with processes and associate assets to key points of contact and cases.


Track assets and evidence internally by knowing who has possession of them at any given time by using mobile scanning and best practices such as “force scanning” to bolster chain of custody. Know what assets you are storing all the time at any time.

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