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Inventory solutions
for logistics

The global supply chain and logistics industry is ever changing. With advancements in technology logistics companies need to adapt and transform the way they manage their inventory to better meet demand. Akatia helps logistics companies by providing all the tools and expertise required to navigate the industry's transformative landscape.

Akatia Technologies WMS for Salesforce for the logistics industry


Bring your warehousing and inventory management into a completely digital space that gives your business a 360-degree view of operations allowing your business to work with the greatest efficiency.

Helping transform the logistics industry

Allstates Warehousing and Distribution customer use case WAM WMS for Salesforce
Allstates Warehousing and Distribution corporate logo

Allstates Warehousing & Distribution

Akatia Technologies is helping national 3PL and logistics distributor Allstates meet the needs of their customers.


Adapt your business’ processes and tracking to reduce errors and potential operational roadblocks. Service your customers faster, more reliably and on time.


Take advantage of modern technology, process automation and data collection to take better business decisions and remove previously time-consuming tasks. Have reliable data that you can report on and improve KPI’s.

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