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WAM WMS for Salesforce storage industry inventory management

Accurate item management for personal storage providers

The self-storage industry continues to grow and with continued urbanization that trend appears likely to continue. The industry is continually changing as new service offerings and digitization are introduced to the personal storage industry. Akatia is supplying the tools for self-storage operators to meet the new market demand and transform their industry.

Akatia Technologies WMS for Salesforce for personal storage industry


Ensure that what a customer is storing is accurately captured and charged accordingly, whether by type, pallet or square footage thus ensuring maximum revenue generation.


Bolster chain of custody by introducing scanner and barcode technology to systematically know what is being stored and for which customer. Use photo association to individual items to know what items are and their condition reducing damage claims or fraud.


Efficiently schedule pick up and returns with customers on the go for mobile operations. Send pick up schedules, customer information by geographic location to efficiently manage mobile assets.

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