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How It Started

Like most good ideas it all started with a problem back in 2011. While Akatia were consulting on a client project the customer mentioned in passing how they couldn't find a solution to their specific warehousing needs on Salesforce. As the saying goes; necessity is the mother of all invention. So we got to work. With that know how, and a little bit of time we came up with a solution that met all of the client's needs. That's how WAM, a WMS for Salesforce , was born and we've never looked back since.

Listening is a big part of who we are. We listen to our customers and find a way to create a solution. It has allowed to us gain the trust of our customers, to build and keep on improving.

Akatia Technologies Inventory Management for Salesforce About webpage
Akatia Technologies Inventory Management for Salesforce About webpage decribing company core principles

Our Aim

Akatia Technologies believes in two core principles; integration and fluidity. With our warehouse management software, WAM, we aim to integrate all aspects of our customers' business; consolidating all processes, assuring accuracy and eliminating costly bottle necks.

​Our philosophy is that the customer needs to come first. We are hands on and always engaged in the process of implementing your project.​


Our team is here to meet these needs and find the solutions to the challenges you're currently facing.

Core Values

Our three core values are honesty, respect, and humility. Our values describe, at the most fundamental level, what we stand for and our commitment to ourselves and our customers. It is what guides us in our day to day and helps us to keep focus on what is most important to us.


First and foremost is honesty with everyone, even it means overcoming a small set back. Only by being completely honest can we be the type of people others can trust and rely on.


Having respect implies showing it to others first and receiving it from those whom we give it. We believe that everyone, whoever they may be deserves to be appreciated and treated well.


Finally, humility. It goes hand in hand with respect and honesty. To be someone who can help others before oneself, treating others with kindness and admitting if you’re wrong require a humble viewpoint and strength of character.


 These values are hard-wired into who we are and what we do and will stay the same as we continue to grow.

Akatia Technologies Inventory Management for Salesforce About webpage describing company valuess
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