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WAM WMS for Salesforce nonprofit industry inventory management

Doing Good for Good

Partnering with Non-Profits

We aim to do good for those doing good. At Akatia we believe that non-profits should have the right tools to succeed. That’s why we continue to partner with non-profit organizations and provide thought leadership so that they can meet their goal of helping others.

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Non-profit organizations need to be as accurate as possible so that their ever-precious resources are not wasted or lost. Akatia ensures that donated goods are tracked accurately with best practices in mind, to reduce waste and get items to those who need it most.

Helping transform non-profits

Inter-Faith Food Shuttle
Inter-Faith Food Shuttle logo

Akatia Technologies is helping Inter-Faith Food Shuttle meet their oranization's needs and the reach their goal of eliminating hunger in their communities.

A Matching Commitment

At Akatia we believe that those organizations that are doing good deserve good in return. With that in mind we offer non-profits 10 free user licenses as a part of our non-profit program. We aim to match the same commitment by in supporting non-profits.

WAM WMS for Salesforce nonprofit 10 free user license program
WAM WMS for Salesforce nonprofit free user license program

& Non-Profits

When managing donated resources on a large scale inventory and warehouse management can have a great impact. From ensuring your supply chain, food handling, maximizing resources, limiting waste and much more. WAM helps non-profits get resources to the people who need it most in the most efficient manner!

WAM WMS for Salesforce reduce waste and increase output
WAM WMS for Salesforce increase efficiency of donations and resources
WAM WMS for Salesforce ensures proper food handling
WAM WMS for Salesforce maximize resources benefit people

Change Made Easy

WAM WMS for Salesforce built on largest CRM platform
WAM WMS for Salesforce configurable to your needs and easy to integrate
WAM WMS for Salesforce learning and onboarding made easy


Maximize resources and reduce waste by taking advantage of innovative features and mobile scanning. WAM provides the tools and functionality to scale impact, make data driven decisions which increase team output so that more people benefit.


Get a complete overview of your non-profit's operations. From the amount of donated items, inventory on hand, food and goods distributed, and more by utilizing customizable dashboards and reporting. Report on any important data points and make impactful decisions.

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