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Akatia Technologies WAM WMS for Salesforce finance report and dashboard

Make billing and invoicing easier & accurate with built in financial tools

Automate your billing processes, define warehouse and inventory related charges, setup price books, track warehouse billing accurately, invoice and much more with our WAM financial tools.

Improve Efficiency

Automate charge tracking related to inventory and warehouse tasks thereby eliminating errors associated to manual processes, ensuring billing accuracy, and avoiding loss of revenue. Make billing easy by scheduling billing periods so that invoices are sent on time.


Organize finances related to your inventory and warehouse management. Create price books, apply charges manually or automate them, create invoices and automate billing. Set up billing cycles according to requirements. Track charges accurately to increase revenue.


Integrate your accounting software with WAM so that billing lines from accrued charges associated with your inventory management are automatically sent to your accounting department for seamless invoicing. Say goodbye to manual data uploads and data entry.

Invoice Batches

Create invoice batches either manually or automatically to gather all or specific customer charges associated to your warehouse and inventory management for the timeframe or billing cycle specified.

Akatia Technologies WAM WMS solution for Salesforce invoicing and finance dashboard

Value of Automated & Integrated Billing

Avoid the hassle of spreadsheets.

  • 53% of midmarket B2B companies are using spreadsheets to manage their accounts receivable.

  • 94% of spreadsheets contained errors.

Avoid late or unpaid invoices.

  • 93% of businesses experience late payments from customers.

  • With an invoicing automation software, the number of invoices effectively processed has increased by 10% a year.

Boost revenues to tracking billing correctly.

  • Automating finances can improve collection by as much as 20%.

  • Businesses save up to 60-70% in billing costs by automating billing.

Optimize billing through automation and boost productivity.

  • Automated invoice processing reduces the time in a company’s service to payment cycle by 80%.

  • Businesses that are top performers in billing invoice the majority of their billing line items electronically or automatically.

  • Automating finances can improve collection by as much as 20%.

Accurately bill and reduces errors in your billing processes.

  • 61% of late payments are due to compliance or administrative problems such as incorrect invoices or receiving the invoice too late to process payment on established credit terms.

  • 11% of customers never receive an invoice.

Akatia Technologies WAM WMS solution for Salesforce billing charges list

Define Charges

Define specific charges and rates by warehouse, by inventory type, per customer and so on. Set-up one time and recurring charges (I.E. subscription based).

Price Books

Setup price books according to warehouse and your general business rates as well as per customer according to their specific contractual rates and agreements.

Akatia Technologies WAM WMS solution for Salesforce price book setup
Akatia Technologies WAM WMS solution for Salesforce invoice and finance report and dashboard


Create reports to display financial information related to your warehouse and inventory management. Add charts to visualize the information and add them to dashboards, giving you access to view multiple reports on one screen and share with staff. Filter your financial information by date, customer, product type and more.


Create Dashboards containing key information. Set-up dashboards for each part of your business or for specific information like finance, inventory, warehouse etc. Share these dashboards with your team and key stakeholders to engage and inform.

Akatia Technologies WAM WMS solution for Salesforce finance report and dashboard
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