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Providing premier warehouse and inventory solutions beyond expectation.

We leverage the latest developments and best practices in technology to develop and deploy customized solutions to help organizations meet their specific business requirements and objectives.

Akatia Technologies WMS for Salesforce services

Transforming enterprise warehouse and inventory management

Our Expertise

We excel in providing premier WMS solutions, offering best-practice advice and development services to enhance performance, thereby positioning businesses for success.

Custom Software

Support your business infrastructure with scalable solutions that are key aspects

of your business, from automation to process

specific configuration.

Solution Implementation

We take your project from discovery to go-live. Akatia Technologies plans and implements our WMS solution to your organizations specific business requirements.

Custom Integration Development

Integrate the tools that

are important to your organization. Akatia has the expertise to integrate our WMS solutions with other core enterprise solutions whether accounting packages,

e-commerce and more.

The Journey

Starting a new journey can feel intimidating at times. Knowing that you’ve chosen the right path forward is so important. At Akatia we want our customers to have confidence that they know exactly what they can expect when beginning their journey with us, right from the start!

Akatia Technologies WAM solution WMS for Salesforce project implementation path

We begin with an initial video call to get a sense of your business. Discuss your goals, vision, and challenges. We create a demo that speaks to your case and gather high level requirements.

Information Gathering

Discovery is about figuring out the what, how and when. A statement of work is developed and submitted. Work items are set up in our project planner platform, Trello, and all stakeholders invited to participate.


The project is moved into our development environment. Here we perform initial setups and tests as well as get a feel for your business’ workflows.

Initial Development

Your business’ key stakeholders finally are given access to test and give  feedback. Potential changes are suggested and made. Once accepted, end to end testing begins.

User Acceptance Testing

Main workflows and tasks are documented, recorded, and these learning tools are provided to your team. We simulate processes together and do end to end training alongside your team.


The effort, time and hard work is complete, and the team is trained. It’s now time to turn on the switch and start using WAM for your warehouse and inventory management.


Next Phase...

Your business is ever changing. Maybe it’s timelines, budgets or maybe you thought of something new. No problem! We can go to a next phase development and start the journey again!

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