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How Allstates uses Akatia's WMS solutions to build customer trust and deliver exceptional service

Akatia's WAM has allowed Allstates Warehousing & Distribution to provide reliable logistics as well as 3PL/4PL services to their customers.






Allstates Warehousing & Distribution located in Reno, Nevada, currently operate eight distribution locations across the United States. Allstates is a warehousing, distribution, and logistics company. Allstates acts as a third-party warehouse and distributer for a range of businesses and fulfill orders for their customers by warehousing and managing inventory across various strategically placed locations within the United States.

Allstates guarantees on-time delivery of their clients’ products to the correct location. Allstates was facing many of problems common to logistics and distribution companies. Antiquated processes and structures and changing landscape where partner/customer needs and expectations required new thinking and ways of doing business where among the challenges. Whereas large logistics carriers (FedEx, UPS, Purolator) had already adapted and set the industry standard for operations, most smaller firms still struggle. With the advent of Amazon on the scene as a premier distributor, warehouser, and soon to be carrier, along with lead times being cut, Allstates needed a system to meet the following requirements:

  • Adapt to their specific needs

  • Provide a real-time view of their customers’ inventory as well as all parts of the supply chain

  • Provide inter-connectivity to all their partner warehouses and logistics providers

  • Produce their own invoicing

  • Provide the ability to accurately compile data and efficiently share it

  • Introduce electronic data interchange (EDI) to communicate more efficiently with carriers and replace manual “paper” processes.


    Using the flexibility of WAM’s Salesforce foundation, Akatia configured WAM to model the specific business requirements of Allstates. This foundation also provided the ability for customers to interact with their inventory in real-time by establishing a customer portal, eliminating the need to build a separate web-portal (saving both time and development costs). Implementing EDI was also a must to increase reaction time and improve invoicing. Akatia automated the customer order input process to go directly to ASCL resulting in record turn-around times, eliminating both manual and duplicate entry of orders and “paper” processes. Akatia’s proprietary form builder also helped produce correct labeling for their warehouse and shipping processes, thus standardizing across the entire operation.


    Initially, Akatia was contracted to implement WAM across four warehouses.

    Pleased with the results, Allstates doubled WAM’s implementation to eight distribution centers, improving operations to meet the demands of today’s logistics landscape.

    Allstate Warehousing and Distribution corporate logo


    Allstates Warehousing and Distribution is a warehouser and logistics company. They provide 3PL, 4PL and ground trucking services for their customers with a strategic national network of warehouses and trucking.


    Allstates required a modern and scalable WMS solution that could be customized to their specific need, have real-time inventory data, inter-connect with partner systems, produce invoices, compile data accurately in one environment and introduce EDI to reduce paper and manual processes.


    Implemented Akatia's WAM and WAM Mobile applications, introduced hand held scanner devices, transitioned to Salesforce.

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