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Learn how App Card helps businesses with their consumer retention and marketing with the aid of Akatia's WMS solutions

Akatia's WAM helps App Card with their inventory management and kitting assembly of their instore card processing hardware used by their retail partners and customers.








In business since 2011, App Card, is located in New York, USA and has three office locations across the United Sates. App Card is an advanced customer retention system designed to service the needs of mid-size retailers, franchises, and independent grocers to track and capitalize on their customer data and analytics. By implementing reward card programs and providing the hardware and software to their clients, App Card helps businesses consolidate marketing efforts and communicate directly and effectively with their customers. Currently, 3,000 businesses use App Card services, averaging 500 million annual transactions.


In addition to the software application and data/analytics services, App Card provides hardware for awards card programs, including scanners and point of sale devices as well as the individual reward cards. App Card warehouses components which are put together to create products to be sold and shipped to clients. This process is performed prior to receiving and fulfilling orders. These components are required to be tracked individually for warranty purposes and later replacement, as needed. App Card also required a flexible system – one that could be configured and developed by their internal team as business needs evolved.


The primary issue was the management of App Card’s hardware elements. Using WAM, we implemented a kitting process and structure. (Kitting is the process of preassembling individual items into ready to ship “kits” instead of picking and packing those individual items as orders are received.) In the kitting structure, different individual items or components are inventoried in the WAM system. These components are associated to a specific “kit type” and then can be pre-assembled or “kitted” ready for orders, allowing each component to be tracked separately and also tracked as part of final product in the WAM system. This improves overall cost and efficiency associated with managing and shipping the inventory as well as tracking warrantees and replacement of individual components as needed. This process also provides the ability to switch vendors if costing and other variables within their supply chain change while keeping the integrity of their product intact.


WAM, a Salesforce environment-based application, also addressed the flexibility requirement that App Card desired. WAM was developed to be a fully customizable solution and allows for further functionality to be added to the system, as needed. Our proprietary process builder for Salesforce allows an organization to add functionality while avoiding high development costs.


Finally, WAM is completely scalable; it grows with the needs of the business. Should an increase in customer transactions occur faster than expected, the system is able to adapt without issue. App Card has taken advantage of these two key factors and have continued to address new variables of their business growth by adding additional process functionality internally as well as not having issues with their continued fast paced growth. WAM provides the ability to meet the demands of their customers and deliver a strong product without interruption.

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App Card is a personalized consumer marketing and digital coupons platform app and hardware developer, that partners with retailers to bring personalized offers, digital coupons, discounts, and rewards from consumer’s favourite brands and stores as well as empowering retailers to put their customer data to use in their marketing and retention efforts.


App Card required a new WMS that could be configured to their kitting process (the process of preassembling individual items into ready to ship “kits”). The new WMS also needed to be able to track hardware components for the purpose of warrantees and replacement as well as be scalable as App Card’s business grew.


Implemented Akatia's WAM and WAM Mobile applications, introduced hand held scanner devices, configured kitting process to App Cards needs.

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