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Warehouse Efficiency: Barcode Scanners vs Smart Phones

Introducing technology into the warehouse needs good planning and ensuring that you’re making the best decision for the business. Technology can play a big role boosting productivity and increasing efficiency. Yet if we’re not using the right solutions the opposite can be the case and result in greater cost.

This is especially true in today's fast-paced warehouse environments, where efficiency is the name of the game. Accuracy, speed, and reliability are the keys to success, and when it comes to barcode scanning, dedicated mobile barcode scanner devices have a clear advantage over smart phones. Inventory management and scanning can seem appealing. Smart phones have a wealth of applications available but are they the right choice?

In this article, we'll explore why mobile barcode scanner devices reign supreme in warehouses and how they seamlessly align with Warehouse Management System (WMS) technology. We'll also uncover how these versatile devices serve as more than just scanners—they double as mobile phones and handheld smart computers, transforming warehouse operations.

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Speed and Precision:

One of the primary reasons mobile barcode scanner devices excel in warehouses is their laser-focused efficiency. Unlike smart phones, which come with various distractions, dedicated scanners are designed with scanning tasks in mind. This specialization means they can scan barcodes quickly and with unparalleled precision, reducing errors and speeding up inventory management processes. As well they have the same features as smart phones beyond scanning, so have many other functionalities and applications that smart phone have. Robust Durability:

Warehouses can be tough environments with the potential for drops, spills, and rugged handling. Mobile barcode scanner devices are built to withstand these conditions. They are engineered for durability, with rugged casings and reinforced screens that can take a beating and keep on scanning. In contrast, smart phones, while versatile, are not designed to withstand the rigors of warehouse work. Battery Life:

In a warehouse, where every second counts, you can't afford to be tethered to charging stations. Barcode scanner devices are optimized for extended battery life, ensuring they last throughout a shift. Cell phones, on the other hand, often require frequent recharging, interrupting workflow and causing delays. Seamless Integration with WMS:

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) are the backbone of modern warehouse operations. Mobile barcode scanner devices are purpose-built to integrate seamlessly with WMS technology. They can communicate in real-time with the WMS, updating inventory levels, tracking goods movements, and generating accurate reports. One of the biggest reasons businesses sometime sway towards smart phones for inventory management is because of the applications and functionality available to them. However, a WMS like Akatia’s WAM have a mobile device already available that syncs live with our WMS from the mobile scanner. With today’s devices you get more than just scanning. You get tight integration that streamlines operations, enhances visibility, and ensures that your warehouse runs like a well-oiled machine. Multifunctional Powerhouses:

Mobile barcode scanner devices are not one-trick ponies. They are, in fact, multifunctional powerhouses. Many models offer features beyond scanning, such as voice communication, email capabilities, application installs, and web browsing. The scanner that Akatia technology offers to its customer does exactly this. This means that your warehouse staff can stay connected and collaborate efficiently without the need for separate mobile phones. Customization and Adaptability:

Warehouses often have unique requirements and workflows. Mobile barcode scanner devices can be customized and adapted to suit your specific needs. Whether you need to create custom scanning applications or integrate with other software, these devices offer flexibility that cell phones can't match. Akatia’s WAM mobile app for example can be customized for your specific needs and processes. Not so with out of the box scanner applications for smart phones. Ergonomics:

Barcode scanner devices are ergonomically designed for prolonged use. They come with comfortable grips and buttons that are easy to navigate even when wearing gloves. This ergonomic advantage reduces the risk of repetitive strain injuries and ensures that warehouse staff can work comfortably throughout their shifts.

Scanning Versatility:

While smart phones may have built-in cameras for barcode scanning, they lack the specialized hardware and software optimization found in dedicated barcode scanner devices. Mobile scanners are capable of reading damaged or poorly printed barcodes and can scan barcodes in various orientations and lighting conditions, ensuring accurate data capture in all situations. This saves times and ultimately boosts productivity. Enhanced Device Security: Mobile barcode scanner devices provide enhanced security features suitable for warehouse environments. They tend to stay on-premises, reducing the risk of loss or misuse outside of work. Geofencing capabilities enable automatic lockdown if a scanner leaves the premises, ensuring data security. These devices offer robust data encryption, remote management, and custom security policies, giving warehouses control over device security, user access, and data protection. This comprehensive approach to security makes mobile barcode scanners a prudent choice for businesses seeking both efficiency and data protection in their warehouse operations, especially when it comes to their customers.


In the high-stakes world of warehousing, efficiency and accuracy are paramount. Mobile barcode scanner devices, purpose-built for scanning and seamlessly integrated with WMS technology, offer a clear advantage over csmart phones. These devices, with their durability, long battery life, multifunctionality, customization options, and ergonomic design, empower warehouse staff to excel in their roles. By choosing mobile barcode scanner devices, warehouses can ensure that they are at the forefront of technology, optimizing their operations for maximum success. So, when it comes to scanning in a warehouse environment, the choice is clear: go mobile barcode scanner devices for unparalleled efficiency and precision. If you’re looking to transform the way you manage your warehouse and inventory, click the link below to get in contact with us. We’d be happy to speak with you!

Also for more information feel free to take a look at our Salesforce AppExchange listing for more information about WAM, the WMS for Salesforce.


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