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LMS and how it helps WMS users

You’ve finally done it. Your businesses brand new WMS has been implemented and you’re ready to hit the ground running. Except to do that you need an entire team of people to be trained and brought up speed on how your new system works so that they can accomplish their jobs. This is where a learning management system, or LMS for short, can prove invaluable.

The learning curve at first for a WMS can be quite intense. People have gotten used to doing things in a certain way for some time. So new technology and ways of doing things forces people out of their comfort zone. Traditionally when implementing a new software like a WMS a face-to-face train the trainer(s) takes place. These sessions tend to be intensive and require everyone involved to be available at the same time. This is practical for small groups and will always be a necessary part of the learning process. Yet once we attempt to scale to a larger workforce this can prove impractical.

What if though, even before implementation was completed, you could start getting people up to speed with your new WMS right away? Not only this, but your team would have the flexibility to learn at their own pace and access the material whenever and wherever, meaning no one misses out. A learning management system provides this type of opportunity and ensures everyone is well up to speed on go-live. Akatia understands the learning curve that comes with learning a whole new software solution, especially one that can be as intense as a new WMS. With that in mind we’ve created within WAM a learning management system to help onboard new users in as efficient a way as possible. Let’s discuss a few of the benefits of having an in app learning management system and how your organization can take advantage of this type of feature.

One of the biggest benefits to an in app learning management system is that it allows a business to track and organize training. The LMS and resources become part of the reference and onboarding tools when new staff is hired. Therefore, employees and trainers alike have a rich library of resources that they can reference at any time and can make part of their orientation and onboarding process.

Learning management systems are also a huge time saver. Often when organizing training time can be wasted by having to confirm a time, date, and venue that works for everyone. Producing required and relevant materials and other variables can also be time consuming with a not all together efficient result. An LMS reduces if not eliminates much of these types of hassles. Rather an employee can simply access the training content from a computer and at a time and place convenient to them. Furthermore, they can also learn at their own pace and are not be dependent on in person sessions. With all the learning resources in one place they can easily be distributed and accessed.

Beyond the time saved is also the cost savings that an LMS presents. These can be in the form of saved travel costs, venue rental as well as material creation. As well by having an efficient system of learning less down time or interruption of operations occurs, saving money and effort. By digitizing and using an LMS to manage the course you can effectively train a multitude of employees in a cost effective manner.

Knowing and tracking the impact that training is having is crucial to a good training program. The LMS that is part of the WAM application allows the business to effectively track individual as well and group progression as they complete different learning modules. By having this feedback, the business can see if employees are understanding the core principles they need in order to effectively use the application in a real world setting. It also allows trainers to understand which concepts and parts of the training employees are struggling with the most and to give added attention to these. On top of this each employee has access to their own learning progress and results so that they can proactively identify where they need improvement. Provided with this type of constructive feedback and information both trainers and employees are empowered to improve their skill set, knowledge, and approach.

Since developing our in app LMS, Akatia’s new and current customers have seen a marked difference for their teams onboarding. By being able to have their staff go through the training models, especially early on during the implementation phase, it significantly cuts the learning curve come go-live. And if they ever need a refresher the content and learning resources are always available for reference.

LMS is a proven way to efficiently train teams and onboard new staff. By implementing a WMS solution like WAM that has this feature and content already baked into the application, you’re giving your trainers and staff a head start in becoming proficient with their new business tool. By doing so your team will be up and running with your new WMS in no time, with little impact to your operations.


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